What People Are Saying

“Mindy is our “in-house” out of house marketing and PR person”

We’ve been collaborating with Mindy Quinn for more than a year. At our bigger events, she is our on-the-ground media liaison and customer service expert. In addition to this traditional role, she had shown a real interest in understanding our business from the ground up. She has also helped us manage and time smaller events and represented us at marketing expos in other cities.

Our work with Mindy has taken our marketing and PR to a whole new level. Her connections with media and local companies has opened many doors for us. Our Facebook presence has grown tremendously on her watch and our engagement has gone through the roof. In addition, she took our dormant Snapchat and Twitter numbers and boosted them to exciting levels.

During our 7 Bridges Marathon and Scenic City Mud Run weekends, she coordinates our TV/Internet presence and continues to push us to be better and improve our processes and presence. At our 7 Bridges Marathon, she acted as both our marketing person and live TV producer. Even with her race day responsibilities, she still managed to talk one of our upset participants off a ledge and satisfy his need to be heard and he walked away with a smile on his face.
Her broad skill sets and push to use new technology and techniques continues to surprise me on a weekly basis. If you need someone to manage and implement your social media, PR, marketing, traditional advertising, or customer service, Mindy Quinn would be an extremely valuable and cost effective choice.

Jay Nevans, Co-Owner, Scenic City Multisport & 7 Bridges Marathon

Scenic City Multisport

I am beyond happy with Mindy and Wildflower Promos and Media Management.

Hiring her was one of the best choices we have made for our business. I am looking forward to our continued journey together. Mindy goes out of her way to ensure that we are seen and heard. She cares and there is nothing better than that.

Samantha Parker, Badassery Magazine

“I just had the best time being interviewed by Mindy Quinn!”

Educating my clients is my passion and it was wonderful to be able to interact LIVE with people from different areas in the same forum and create a connection! I’m also honored to have been the Inaugural Master Mind Speaker and am really looking forward to doing this again! If anyone has questions that attended the live session or who would like a copy of my In-Touch Action Plan please reach out.

Ivy Fivey, CEO
One Stop Consulting Shop

“What a pleasure it has been to work with Silver Key Events Manager Mindy Quinn!”

As a Silver Key board member, I’ve been especially impressed at her can-do attitude (even under pressure), her ability to energize and organize staff, volunteers and community members and her creative approach to each aspect of gala/fundraising planning and execution. From pre-event committee management to event promotion and execution, Mindy demonstrates great managerial and people skills – a wonderful combination. On top of that, the first-ever Silver Key gala she managed was a terrific success. This is one talented lady!

Becky Hurley, E-newsletter editor, business writer and marketing consulting, Broadmoor Properties

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