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About Wildflower Promotions & Media Management

Wildflower Promotions & Media Management began as a part-time consulting endeavor but while collaborating with groups and individuals locally and online, knew I needed to take my business to the next level. Creating a company to manage public relations and design events and marketing campaigns that bring more diversity, inclusion, and respect for the world is my calling.

Many online businesses don’t understand the benefits of traditional public relations.  Even though your business lives “online”, you are still part of a community, and your local community should know who you are, too.  I help entrepreneurs and small business expand their reach, and create a relationship with their community– in the real world.

For my clients who do have a business that works within their community in-person (locally or nationally),  I  provide support to promote their business and market their services, allowing them to focus on the important details of managing their business.   I coordinate interviews with media, writing and distributing press releases, providing crisis management if/when needed, and strategic support.

I address tough questions head-on and know how to resolve issues and repair relationships.

I am a native New Yorker and spent several years commuting to New York City.  I possess a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology,  a Master’s Degree in Counseling and I am a trained public information officer.

Professional Bio

With more than twenty years of event creation, marketing and community outreach experience, Mindy Quinn has developed campaigns, fundraising events, social media strategies and public relations support serving K-12 public education, higher education, social services organizations and for-profit corporations.


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