The Fairy Godmother Experience

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As the Fairy Godmother of PR, my clients give me their “wish list” of people, media and businesses they want to connect with and I use the following recipe to make their wishes come true:  

A cup of courage,

A dash of determination and,

A pinch of precision.  

With 20+ years experience in the non-profit sector, I have expertise working with media, community organizations and marketing.  Also, I’m  a native NY– with the attitude and work ethic to make magic happen.  

As the most non-traditional PR manager on the block, I will research new outlets to get you visible and do the “typical” PR manager to-do’s, BUT, the first thing I do is ask my client’s for a wish list- That’s right, an actual list of every person, news outlet and platform they would like to reach- and I start there.  

We’ve all got way too much on our plates, and if a client is going to trust me to get their business or brand more visible, I am going to make sure I make it happen exactly where they want it to.

Do my clients always know the best places to target?  Not always, but that’s why my creativity and connections bring a more dynamic experience to the table. In addition to their wish-list,  I also present ideas and collaborations for consideration which often lead clients to say “How did she do that?”

In the non-profit world, you wear many hats, and all at once.  You have to make magic on shoestring budgets– which means, getting creative.   I love that I bring the non-profit mentality and skills to the for-profit world!  Nothing brings me greater pleasure than to watch a brand soar knowing I played a part in their success.

“Hiring Mindy is one of the wisest investments I’ve made for my business. The return has been more than exposure and visibility. She has helped me raise my credibility in the public eye by acquiring quality appearances that has attracted more opportunities for me. While I enjoy working with her on a professional level, I can also say working with her is as comfortable as a long time friendship, knowing she has my best interest at heart. I highly recommend working with Mindy to see what she can do for your business and expansion.” Nicole Isler, Personal Energy Specialist, and Self Empowerment Coach

So, what’s on your wish list?



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