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And for some, these changes are going to be a breath of fresh air!  I know for me, I am tired of seeing posts that do not follow my core values of kindness, diversity, and inclusion but as many times as I have clicked the “unfollow” button nothing ever goes away.  Facebook has made changes to their algorithms again so you will see what your friends and family are engaged with, allowing your experience to be more meaningful.

However, these changes will detract from the visibility of business pages on Facebook, so if you are a business and are primarily spending your time engaging with others on social media platforms, you are going to need to re-think your strategy.

Maybe the days of separating your personal page from your business page are over, and your personal page needs to be open to the public and showcase who YOU are and how you are your brand.

Uh oh, did panic just set in at the thought of your personal page no longer being personal?  Well, there are certainly other options for visibility for your business outside of Facebook, and remember- Facebook is FREE.  While you may place some ads and boost posts, the savings you’ve already received by not using traditional advertising methods may have made the difference from running vs. closing your business.

Here is a recent article from the New York Times about the changes and how it will impact your biz visibility.

Now, some quick updates on YouTube too-  if you are striving to create a YouTube channel that you can monetize, you should know that recent changes to criteria now require that in order to be eligible or maintain monetization options you must:

  • reach 10,000 views first
  • maintain 4,000 views per month
  • keep your viewers engaged- if viewers do not stay and watch your content, YouTube will demonetize your account
  • It is no longer about how many subscribers you have on your channel and many “famous” YouTube accounts have already been demonetized.


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