Creating and sustaining an online business takes a lot of effort, courage and consistency.  I work with online and brick and mortar business, and on both sides, there can always be a time when re-branding is needed.  There is a huge difference, however, for the online business owner-  if you change your brand overnight, without fully working through all the details and implications, you can crush your business in minutes.

Over the past several months, I have been continually shocked at how many online businesses rapidly change their entire approach, as if no thought was given, whatsoever.  I always wonder how they came up with the decision to change direction, as if their previous followers meant nothing-  instead of adding to their brand or branching off.  

Sustainability in our ever changing world of technology is a challenge for sure, and with all the messaging we are bombarded with every single day, it is hard to keep up and stand out, but, please, take my advice–  rebranding overnight is creating that first impression for your clients again, and that first impression may be all they need to say goodbye forever.